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Sozialwissenschaftlicher Fachinformationsdienst - soFid /
Social Science Specialized Information Service: Biannual coverage of 28 topics

The Social Science Specialized Information Service biannually updates the reader on new entries in 28 disciplines and specific topics from the databases FORIS and SOLIS by offering their contents in a specially prepared form. The subscription service is an appropriate instrument for the focused observation of the research activities and the bibliographic output of the social sciences in German-language countries: It is specifically conceived for those who wish to continually keep abreast of certain social science topics on a long term basis.

Publication Information
Publication is scheduled for spring/early summer and autumn. Depending on the topic, each biannual publication contains between 100 and 600 literature and research references with a description of contents (abstracts).

soFid in printed form
Two issues yearly in book form divided by chapters; paperback.; index to authors, subjects, and institutions.

Yearly subscription rates for printed issues on a specific topic: 58,- DM
each additional subscription: 43,- DM
(1996 and earlier: 53,- DM and 38,- DM respectively)

neu.gif (157 Byte)soFid on CD-ROM
As an alternative to the printed material, we also offer all 28 soFid-topics on CD-ROM. The same schedule of two issues per year as with the printed material applies, with six biannual issues per topic included on one CD-ROM.
The CD-ROM contains the same unabridged information found in the printed material. Likewise, the user can page through the literature and research references, by subject matter or chapter, as well as directly search via the person, subject and institution listings. Moreover, the CD-ROM makes it possible to conduct free text searches in the titles and abstracts of a specific topic.
The CD-ROM can be operated with Windows 3.x, Windows 95 or 98 and Windows NT (PC 486/66 MHz required) and offers access to the topics subscribed to by the user. The versions available are for single work stations and for personal use.

Yearly subscription rates for CD-ROM
one topic: 40,- DM;
each additional subscription: 30,- DM

Yearly subscription rates for printed material and CD-ROM
one topic: 66,- DM
each additional subscription: 50,- DM


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