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Die folgende Übersicht enthält Informationen zu sozial- und informationswissenschaftlichen Tagungen, Konferenzen, Symposia usw. in Deutschland und im Ausland. Aufgenommen werden nur Veranstaltungen in deutscher oder englischer Sprache.

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Dr. Helmut M. Artus
IZ Sozialwissenschaften
Lennéstr. 30; D-53113 Bonn

Tel.: +49 (0) 228 22 81 - 149
Fax : +49 (0) 228 22 81 - 120

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Mai-August 2000

Second Annual IHCMD Online Summer School: "Sustaining Human Existence in Changing Conditions, Mental Existence and Conceptual and Mental Development: Setting the Conceptual and Mental Conditions Beyond Religion, Philosophy and Science"

Anmerkungen: The focus and concentration of the Program are persisting and growing human individual, social and environmental conditions, problems and challenges we face today, as individuals, as societies and as a species globally. -
The Program is not an electronic discussion list for open debate of the issues. It is a study program delivered over the Internet through a moderated mailing List.
The Program consists of the presentation, consideration and discussion of a set of nine interrelated discussion papers. It is an introduction to the fundamentals. A four-month Summer Program does not provide sufficient time for a detailed discussion of the specifics of the issues.
The Program is free of charge, though registration will be limited to 50 participants.
The Program is based on a long term and ongoing study, Sustaining Human Existence and Human Conceptual and Mental Development (SHEHCMD) Study, of the Institute for Human Conceptual and Mental Development (IHCMD).
For further details and registration information:
Entry date:

August 2000
Washington, D.C. (USA)

"Collective Behavior": General Papers Session at the American Sociological Association annual meeting

Manuscripts on all forms of collective behavior will be accepted, to include protests, riots, demonstrations, celebrations, gatherings, crowd behavior, fads, fashions, rumors, panics, and mass behavior, among other forms. International comparative studies are welcome.
Dr. Benigno E. Aguirre
Sociology Department, Texas A&M University
College Station, Texas 77843, USA
Tel.: 1- 409 845 0813.
Fax 1- 409 862 4057
Entry date: 23.12.99

August/September 2000
Oslo (Norwegen)

"Conflict and Cooperation in Sites of Cultural Co-Existence: Perspectives from Women's History":

Internationale Konferenz der International Federation für Research in Women's History (IFRWH)
Nancy A. Hewitt
Dept. of History
Box 90719
Duke Univerity
Durham NC 27708 USA
Fax: +1 (919) 681-7670
Source: AFB-Info 2/98 - (10.12.98)

Washington D. C. (USA)

ISA Research Committee on Rational Choice (RC 45): An international mini-conference on "New Frontiers of Rational Choice Theory"

Thomas Voss
Institut für Soziologie, Univ. Leipzig
Burgstr. 21
D-04109 Leipzig
Entry date: 17.04.00

Washington, D.C. (USA)

Rural Sociological Society 63rd Annual Meeting: "Policy and Rural Communities: Challenges for the 21st Century"

Deadline: By February 14th, 2000 (abstracts for Special Sessions, Round Tables, Organized Panels, Forums, Workshops, Paper and Poster Presentations and Film and Video sessions to:)
Don E. Albrecht, RSS 2000 Program Chair
Department of Rural Sociology
Texas A&M University
College Station, TX 77843-2125, USA
Questions: Tel.: 1-409-845-9781
Fax: 1-409-845-8529 or do it
Entry date: 23.12.99

Helsinki (Finnland)

"Modernity & Moral Identity"

The purpose of this international and multidisciplinary conference is to discuss the interplay between ethics and the discourse of modernity in various fields. We want to bring together contributions to and assessments of the interplay between moral philosophy and the discourse of modernity in various fields. We invite proposals under the following themes:
The moral horizon of modernity: critical assessments of recent debates and new diagnostic contributions - The tasks and limits of the theories of modernity - Profiles of contemporary contributors to the discourse of modernity - Modernity and rationality - Notions of modernity in different disciplines and fields
Deadline: for abstracts: 29 February 2000. Abstracts (300-400 words) should be sent, preferably both by mail and by e-mail. (Please, send the abstracts as ordinary e-mail messages, not s file attachments!)
Thomas Wallgren
University of Helsinki, Department of Philosophy
P.O.Box 24, 00014 University of Helsinki
SF-Helsinki, Finland
Fax: +358-9-191 7627
Registration forms will be available at the conference site:
Entry date: 29.02.00

Calgary (Kanada)

"Changing Patterns of Social Stratification and Mobility on the Threshold of a New Millennium"

The Summer, 2000 meeting of RC 28 will be held at the University of Calgary, Calgary, Canada and organized by Richard Wanner and colleagues. The conference dates permit those attending the ASA meetings in Washington, D.C. August 12-16 one day for travel.
All papers on this and related topics are invited. Other planned features of the program include special sessions on several substantive topics (see below), trends in stratification research, and trends in stratification and mobility in Canada.
Entry date: 22.12.99

Berlin (BRD)

14th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence

Deadline: 04. Febr. 2000 for papers.
Werner Horn
Ausrtian Research Institute for AI (ÖFAI)
Schottengasse 3
A-1010 Wien
Entry date: 13.12.99

Utrecht (NL)

Statistical Computing COMPSTAT 2000 Conference

Mrs. Marcelle Buma
PO Box 80125
NL-3508 TC Utrecht
Tel.: 31 30 253 2728
Fax: 31 30 253 5851
Entry date: 18.04.00

Prag (Tschechische Rep.)

"Technological Landscapes: Energy, Transport, and Environment": 27th Symposium of International Committee for the History of Technology (ICOHTEC)

Deadline: 2000-02-01
James Williams
History Department, De Anza College
21250 Stevens Creek Boulevard
Cupertino CA 95014, USA
Tel.: 650-960-8193
Fax: 650-960-8195
Entry date: 15.12.99

Tilburg (NL)

ISA Research Committee on Poverty, Social Welfare and Social Policy (RC 19): Annual Conference: "Social Protection in the New Era: What Future for Welfare?"

Dr. Wim van Oorschot
TISSER, Tilburg Institute for Social Security Research
Tilburg University
po box 90153
NL-5000 LE Tilburg
Entry date: 17.04.00

Cardiff (GB)

"The Demarcation Socialised: Or, How Can We Recognise Science When We See It?"

The Sociology of Scientific Knowledge and other 'post-modern' movements have blurred the boundaries between science and other activities but we still talk about science. So what do we mean by it? What can replace the old debate about 'demarcation criteria?' Should it be replaced and what will demarcation look like if it has to be socialised? What is special about science and technology, their types and sub-divisions, as social activities rather than epistemologically distinct activities?
Dr. Robert Evans
Centre for the Study of Knowledge, Expertise and Science (KES)
Cardiff University
Cardiff, CF10 3AT, UK.
Entry date: 17.12.99

Helsinki (Finnland)

5th ESA Conference: "Visions and Divisions: Challenges to European Sociology"

Anmerkungen: The theme evokes both new theoretical perspectives for sociology and the different divisions and borders between peoples in Europe and between Europeans and others, as well as the visions to alleviate these divisions.
For further information, go to the ESA home page:
Entry date:

Cambridge (GB)

ISA-Research Committee on Sociological Theory (RC16) Mid-Term Conference: "New Sources of Critical Theory"

Kenneth Thompson
Roger Friedland
Entry date: 22.12.99

Berlin (BRD)

"European Cities: Networks and Crossroads": Fifth International Conference on Urban History

Deadline: Proposals (hard copy and e-mail if possible) should reach both of the session chairs by 1st October 1999. For further details please contact:
Dr Dorothy Rowe
Department of Art, Froebel College
Roehampton Institute London
Roehampton Lane
GB-London SW15 5PJ
Tel: 0181 392 3388
Dr Janet Stewart
Department of German, University of Aberdeen
Taylor Building, Aberdeen AB24 3UB
Tel: 01224 272488
Entry date: 06.09.99

Cambridge (GB)

ISA Research Committee Sociological Theory (RC 16): Mid-Term Conference: "New Sources of Critical Theory"

Patrick Baert
Faculty of Social and Political Sciences
University of Cambridge
Free School Lane
GB-Cambridge CB2 3RQ
Tel.: 44-1223-3599339
Entry date: 17.04.00

Tel-Aviv (Israel)

Conference of the Research Network on the Sociology of Consumption of the European Sociological Association

Anmerkungen: If we take the long historical view, the fundamental meaning of consumption for both its proponents and its antagonists is as a sign of civilization. It was also Simmel who first made the heretical assertion that consumerism is a worthy replacement for religion. - I invite you to propose theoretical, historical, anthropological or empirical materials.
Deadline: Please sent your abstracts (no longer than 300-400 words) until March 31st 2000 (use attachments, fax or snail-mail). Final papers or drafts should be reaching me by July 15th.
Natan Sznaider
The Academic College of Tel-Aviv-Yaffo
29 Melchet Str.
Tel-Aviv 63825, Israel
FAX: 972-3-526-8100
Entry date: 22.02.00

Huddersfield, West Yorkshire (GB)

International Conference: "Understanding the Social World 1: Constructions and Identity"

Anmerkungen: Die Nachfolgekonferenz "Understanding the Social World 2" findet vom 19.-21.10.2000 statt. Vgl. die dortige Eintragung!
Noel Gilzean
Behavioural Sciences, Queensgate Campus
University of Huddersfield
Huddersfield West Yorkshire HD1 3JN, U.K.
Tel: 01484 472835
Fax: 01484 472794
Entry date: 13.12.99/22.12.99

Rom (Italien)

ISTAS 2000: "University as a Bridge from Technology to Society": International Symposium on Technology and Society

co-sponsored by: IEEE Society for Social Implications of Technology (SSIT); Department of Electronic Engineering, "La Sapienza" University of Rome, Italy, Associazione Elettrotecnica ed Elettronica Italiana (AEI)
Technology is expanding at an unprecedented  rate and influence on society reaches every aspect of the life of individuals and groups. However, human needs do not influence the development of technology, as people working in frontier areas of technological research become even more specialized. Focussing their own interest on restricted technical areas, research people are led to loose a global view of the motivations and effects of their accomplishments. University, that by vocation is committed to look at human life and knowledge in a unified perspectives, can strongly contribute to fill the gap between technology and society.
Deadline: extended abstracts: March 1, 2000 (1000 to 1500 words; the extended abstract should be attached to a message containing title, name and author(s)' affiliation and full mailing address, 100-word abstract) by e-mail to the Program Committee Chairman:
Prof. T. Roska
Entry date: 23.12.99

London (GB)

5th International Conference on the Social Context of Death, Dying and Disposal (DDD2000)

Tagungsort: Goldsmiths College, University of London, London
Anmerkungen: Death, Dying and Disposal is a multi-disciplinary residential conference for historians, sociologists, psychologists, archaeologists, anthropologists, artists, art and architectural historians, those in the legal professions, medical and health practitioners, palliative care workers, bereavement counsellors, and death practitioners.
Craig Spence, DDD2000
Historical and Cultural Studies
Goldsmiths College, University of London
New Cross
London SE14 6NW, UK
Tel.: 44 (0)20 7919 7035 or 7490
Fax: 44 (0)20 7919 7398
Entry date: 17.05.00

Brisbane (Australien)

Annual symposium of the International Sociology of Sport Association (ISSA): Pre-Olympic Scientific Congress

Anmerkungen: Suggested topics/themes: Sport and Gender, Sport and Inequality, Sport and the Media, The Political Economy of Sport, Sport and Violence, Drugs and Sport, Sport and National Identity, Sport Labour Migration, Sport and the Community, Sport in Developing Societies, Sport, Pain and Injury, Sport and Social Theory, Sport and the Body, Sport in Divided Societies, Medicalisation of Movement Culture, Sport, the Local and the Global
Deadline: 15. Jan. 2000; abstracts of no more than 250 words, preferable via Email
Dr. Jim McKay
Dept Anthropology & Sociology, The University of Queensland
St Lucia, QLD, 4072, Australia
Tel.: 61 7 3365 1210
Fax: 61 7 3365 1544
Entry date: 22.12.99

San Diego (USA)

"Immigrant Religious Communities: Ideas and Identities": IDS 2nd International conference

Anmerkungen: Papers are solicited not only on any immigrant religious community around the world but also on the ideas and identities of religious communities that have migrant populations. If you would like to present a paper, please submit a one-page abstract to the address below as soon as possible.
Abstracts should include the title of the paper, a brief statement of the topic, and a clear summary of the points or arguments that will be addressed. Selected papers will later be considered for an edited volume in the IDS publication series.
Send abstracts and other inquiries to:
Institute of Druze Studies (IDS)
San Diego State University
P.O. Box 22828
San Diego, CA 92192
oder an
with a copy to
Samy S. Swayd
Entry date: 18.04.00

München (BRD)

"Verteiltes Arbeiten - Arbeit der Zukunft"

Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V., FG 5.5.1 Fachgruppe CSCW in Organisationen, FA 2.3 Fachausschuß Ergonomie in der Informatik, German Chapter of the ACM
Traditionelles Arbeiten verändert sich immer mehr zu einem durch Telekommunikationsmedien gestützten, vernetzten Agieren. Ziel der Tagung ist es, die verschiedenen Facetten der Veränderung des traditionellen Arbeitens und der technologischen Unterstützung dieser Veränderung zu thematisieren und dazu interessierte Forscher-, Entwickler- und Anwendergruppen zusammenzubringen. Es sollen dabei sowohl Formen neuer Arbeit als auch neue Technologien und deren Unterstützungspotentiale behandelt werden.
Deadline: 15. Febr. 2000. Einreichungen sind in elektronischer Form (PostScript oder PDF) zu richten an - Die Formatvorschriften für Einreichungen sind auf den Web-Seiten zur Tagung zu finden:
Ralf Reichwald, Kathrin Möslein
LS für Allgemeine und Industrielle BWL
TU München
Leopoldstraße 139
D-80804 München
Entry date: 16.12.99

Rethymno, Kreta (Griechenland)

Workshop on "Industrial Relations and European Integration"

Tagungsort: University of Crete, Rethymno, Crete, Greece
Anmerkungen: The workshop is specially organized for graduate and doctoral students interested in European Integration. Particularly, but not exclusively, students preparing theses in Industrial Relations, Sociology, European Studies.
The aim is to explore and analyse various attempts to regulate European labour markets and look into processes of participation, collective bargaining and social dialogue in a European context. Overall, to approach the europeanisation process of labour relations and unions.
Dr Andreas Moschonas, Associate Professor
Jean Monnet Chair in the Political Sociology of European Integration,
University of Crete
The provisional program may be seen in the following address:
Entry date: 18.04.00

München (BRD)

"Digital Documents and Electronic Publishing" (DDEP00)

Anmerkungen: DDEP00 will be the eighth in a biennial series of international conferences organised to promote the exchange of novel ideas concerning the computer production, manipulation and dissemination of documents.
DDEP00 will reflect the evolving nature and usage of documents by treating digital documents and electronic publishing as a broad topic covering many aspects. These include document models, document representation and document dissemination, dynamic and hyper- documents, document analysis and management, and wide-ranging applications.
Dr. Peter R. King
Department of Computer Science, Univ. of Manitoba
Winnipeg, MB, Canada R3T 2N2
Tel.: +1 204 474 8313
Fax: +1 204 474 7609
Conference secretariat:
Entry date: 18.04.00

Lissabon (Portugal)

ISA Research Committe Sociology of Professional Groups (RC 52) Interim Conference: "State Political Power and Professional Structures: New Patterns and New Challenges?"

In contemporary societies what kinds of balance exist between professional power and political power segregated by the state? How do these two kinds of power relate to each other and in what ways for different professions and occupations? Which professions and occupations have modified their structural position in the professional system and what have been the consequences of this modification in relation to the state? In different nation-states,  how are global determinants converted into professional regulation at the state level?
In order to analyse such changes it might be important to re-visit and re-evaluate some of the theories and concepts which have been developed in the last decades in the sociology of professions. These include deprofessionalization or proletarianization, market closure, state capture, jurisdictional competition. Alternatively, it might be necessary to develop new concepts to explain professions in the modern world.
Deadline: January 31, 2000, abstracts of 250 words
Professor Graca Carapinheiro
ISCTE, Department of Sociology
Avenida das Forcas Armadas, 1649 - 026 Lisbon, Portugal
Fax: +351 21 796 47 10
Entry date: 23.12.99

Bristol (GB)

"Future Social Science Research: Support, Strategy and Direction"

Anmerkungen: Will good research ever be at the heart of policy? What price peer credibility versus political agendas? How can research help build new information landscapes? How will technology transform research?
Entry date:

York (GB)

"Health in Transition: European perspectives"

British Sociological Association, Medical Sociology Group and European Society for Health and Medical Sociology
Further details and abstract submission forms from:
British Sociological Association, Unit 3F/G, Mountjoy Research Centre
Stockton Road
GB-Durham DH1 3UR
Entry date: 29.02.00

Lawrence KS (USA)

Internet Research 1.0: "The State of the Interdiscipline": First Annual Conference of the Association of Internet Researchers

The growth of the Internet is one of the greatest cultural phenomena of our time, impacting almost all areas of life. It is crucial to build knowledge about the Internet's socio-cultural dimensions. Despite great interest, knowledge-building in Internet research is hindered by a lack of international, centralized opportunities for scholars from different disciplines to interact.
This international conference will focus on the Internet as a distinct interdisciplinary field for research. It will bring together prominent scholars, researchers, and students from multiple disciplines for keynote addresses, paper presentations, formal and informal discussions.
Deadline: The deadline for submissions of paper/session proposals is 15 March 2000. Submissions of between 150 and 250 words on all topics that address any social, cultural, political, economic, or aesthetic aspects of the internet. We welcome submissions from any discipline.
All proposals should be submitted electronically at:
Nancy Baym
Communication Studies, University of Kansas
3090 Wescoe Hall, Lawrence, KS 66045, USA
Entry date: 15.12.99

Liverpool (GB)

The Role of the Romanies: Images and Self-Images of Romanies/"Gypsies" in European Cultures: An Interdisciplinary Conference

Deadline: 30. Juni 1999, for papers: brief expose (300w)
Prof Nicholas Saul
Department of German
University of Liverpool, Modern Languages Building
GB-Liverpool L69 3BX
Tel.: + 44-151 794 2351/2
Fax: +44-151 794 2307
Source: E-mail - (21.06.99)

Lissabon (Portugal)

Thematic Workshop: "Forms of Governance and Paths of Economic Development"

Anmerkungen: In Zusammenhang mit der Summer School (19.-24.09.2000; vgl. die entsprechende Eintragung weiter unten!)
: 31. Dez. 1999
ESRI, Department of Organisation and Industrial Sociology
Copenhagen Business School
Att. Marianne Risberg
Solbjerg Plads 3
DK-2000 Frederiksberg
Tel.: +4538152823
Fax: +4538152828
Entry date: 17.12.99

Berlin (BRD)

"Kommunale Regionalpolitik: Herausforderungen der neuen europäischen Strukturpolitik für die Kommunen"

Eva Alber oder Rosa Hackenberg
Deutsches Institut für Urbanistik (difu)
Straße des 17. Juni 112
D-10623 Berlin
Tel.: +49 (0)30/ 39001-258 oder -259
Fax: +49 (0)30/ 39002-268 oder -100
Entry date: 13.12.99

Rishon Letzion (Israel)

"Social Justice and Social exclusion": VIIIth Biennial Conference of the International Society for Justice Research (ISJR)

More information on this conference:
Entry date: 14.04.00

Montreal (Kanada)

ISA RC14 (Communication, Knowledge and Culture) International Conference: "2001 Bugs. Globalism and Pluralism"

Much has been said, and a lot of people have worried about the year 2000's bug. Two boxes instead of four to mark the date! A technical choice, with major potential consequences, resulting from a short-term thinking, running after short-term savings. It will have cost millions to put things in order.
Notwithstanding the media hype, and the fears more or less justified that it has raised, the year 2000's bug was a technical problem quite simple to solve. But the development of information and communication technologies (ICTs) carries more complex challenges.
The organizers of the 2001 bugs conference would like to highlight other problems (human, social, cultural, political and economic) that are facing societies where ICTs are widespread and play a major role. What will be the bugs in the years to come in these societies that are frequently called information societies, programmed societies or knowledge societies ? An invitation to leave the ground of too simple short-term calculation to confront a social universe which includes possibilities to identify and bring to reality as well as problems to pinpoint and solve. In short, the challenge is to think pervasive communication in all its complexity in the perspective of its long-term implications.
Deadline: 1. Mai 2000. Papers will be accepted either in English, French or Spanish.
Gaetan Tremblay
Succ. Centre-Ville, Montréal, Québec H3C 3P8, Canada
Tel.: 1-514-9878591
Fax 1-514-9874164
Entry date: 22.12.99

Lissabon (Portugal)

ESRI Ph.D. Summer School on the Comparative Study of Economic Organisation

ESRI=European Summer Research Institutes for the Comparative Study of Economic Organisation
Anmerkungen: In Zusammenhang mit dem Workshop (16.-19.09.2000; vgl. die entsprechende Eintragung weiter oben!)
: 31. Dez. 1999
ESRI, Department of Organisation and Industrial Sociology
Copenhagen Business School
Att. Marianne Risberg
Solbjerg Plads 3
DK-2000 Frederiksberg
Tel.: +4538152823
Fax: +4538152828
Entry date: 17.12.99

Swansea, Wales (GB)

International, multidisciplinary conference: "Writing Diasporas: Axial Writers, Plural Literacies, Transnational Imagination"

Anmerkungen: ... on the role of travelling and translating writers, artists and intellectuals in the cultural politics of diasporas and nations.
Deadline: 06. Juni 2000
Fax: +1792 295710
Entry date: 18.04.00

Edinburgh (GB)

ECER 2000: European Conference on Educational Research

For information, submission and registration forms:
Entry date: 13.12.99

Metz (Frankreich)

International Conference: "Norbert Elias and Social Anthropology"

French Society of Ethnology and University of Metz (France)
Anmerkungen: The work of Norbert Elias has attracted the attention of historians, political scientists and sociologists. At a time of renewed interest in Elias's work, we would like to examine how his 'cross-disciplinary' thought illuminates the anthropological approach. The conference will focus on two main topics:
What is the place of anthropology in Elias's work? His work refers explicitly to classics like Radcliffe-Brown, Mead, Evans-Pritchard and Levi-Strauss. He lived in Africa, where he confronted the cultural 'Other'. This experience led him to reconsider European culture and more broadly the epistemological position of self-distanciation.
How can Elias's works enrich anthropology? Apart from occasional references to Elias in recent anthropological writing, there has been no systematic attempt to incorporate his perspective into the various fields to which it is obviously relevant. These might include: uses of the body, everyday life, organisation of public and private space, etc; concepts such as habitus, process, interiorisation, etc; and the definition of 'culture'.
Dr Sophie Chevalier
University of Franche-Comté
Entry date: 22.12.99

Wien (Österreich)

"Multimedia in der Soziologie"

Im Rahmen des Soziologentages in Wien vom 21.-23.Sept. 2000 wird sich eine Forschungsgruppe sich mit dem Thema "Multimedia in der Soziologie" beschäftigen. Fragestellungen: Wie können Multimedia-Anwendungen in der Hochschullehre eingesetzt werden? Wie kann die Produktion von Multimedia-Anwendungen in den Kultur- und Sozialwissenschaften angekurbelt werden? Kann die kultur- und sozialwissenschaftliche Forschung durch Multimedia-Anwendungen neue inhaltliche und methodische Impulse erhalten? Sind Multimedia-Anwendungen besonders geeignet, Interdisziplinarität, Praxisbezug und interinstitutionelle Kooperation zu fördern? Wie koennen Multimedia-Anwendungen für die Kultur- und Sozialwissenschaften evaluiert werden?
Deadline: Kultur- und Sozialwissenschaftler, die sich mit Multimedia-Problemen beschäftigen, sind herzlich eingeladen, teilzunehmen und mir ein Abstract über Ihre Präsentation möglichst bis zum 30.April 2000 zu schicken.
Prof. Dr. Klaus Feldmann
Univ. Hannover, FB Erziehungswissenschaften
Institut fuer Psychologie und Soziologie
Bismarckstr. 2
D-30173 Hannover
Tel.: +49 (0)511-762-8545
Entry date: 25.02.00

Ljubljana (Slovenien)

Third Biennial International Conference "Policing in Central and Eastern Europe: Ethics, Integrity, and Human Rights"

Deadline for your proposal is March 15, 2000.
Milan Pagon, Sc.D., Ph.D., Associate Professor
Head of the Department of Police Administration and Management
College of Police and Security Studies, University of Ljubljana
Kotnikova 8
1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Tel.: +386 61 172 4678
Fax: +386 61 302 687
For all the details, including the guidelines for submission, please visit the conference home page:
Entry date: 25.02.00

Wien (Österreich)

"Konvergenzen zwischen Wissenschaft und Kunst", Ad-Hoc-Gruppe ueber Zeitkulturen

Veranstaltung im Rahmen des Soziologentages
Gerhard Fröhlich
Universität Linz
A-4040 Linz-Auhof
Tel.: 0732/2468-7192
Fax: 0732/2468-7195
Entry date: 16.12.99

Jena (BRD)

Kongreß der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Psychologie

Prof. Dr. R. K. Silbereisen
FSU Jena
Institut für Psychologie
Am Steiger 3
D-07743 Jena
Tel.: +49 (0)3641/945240
Fax: +49 (0)3641/945242
Source: ZSE, 19. Jg. 1999, H. 2, S. 223 - (16.06.99)

Helsinki (Finnland)

The Year 2000 International Research Conference on Social Security: "Social security in the global village"

International Social Security Association (ISSA)
P.O. Box 1, CH-1211 Geneva 22, Switzerland
Fax: +41 22 799 8509
Entry date: 13.12.99

Brighton, Sussex (GB)

International conference on Intellectual Migration and Cultural Transformation: "The Movement of Ideas from German-speaking Europe to the Anglo-Saxon World"

Organised by the Institute Wiener Kreis (Vienna) and the Centre for German-Jewish Studies (University of Sussex)
Deadline: Proposals for papers, accompanied by a one-page synopsis, should be sent to by 31 January 2000 to
Andrea Hammel, Research Administrator
Centre for German-Jewish Studies University of Sussex
Falmer/Brighton, BN1 9QN, United Kingdom
Tel.: 44 (0)1273 877178
Fax +44 (0)1273 678495
Entry date: 13.12.99

Köln (BRD

"Gute Gesellschaft? Zur Konstruktion sozialer Ordnungen": 30. Kongreß der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Soziologie (DGS)

Call for papers
Mehr Informationen:
Entry date:

Köln (BRD)

"Ungleichheit und 'soziale Gerechtigkeit' - Gerechtigkeitslücken im deutschen Wohlfahrtsstaat?

Sitzung der Sektion "Soziale Ungleichheit und Sozialstrukturanalyse" in der DGS im Rahmen des Kongresses für Soziologie 26.-29. September 2000 in Köln. - Nachmittagssession; kein Datum angegeben.
Prof. Dr. Peter A. Berger
Universität Rostock, Institut für Soziologie
August-Bebel-Str. 28
D-18055 Rostock
Tel.: 0381-498-3009
Fax: 0381-498-3005
Entry date: 17.04.00

Köln (BRD)

"Gute Gesellschaft": Veranstaltung der Sektion 'Kultursoziologie' auf dem 30. Kongress der DGS

Anmerkungen: Eine Fortsetzungstagung wird für Frühjahr 2001 vorbereitet. -
"Gute Gesellschaft" war auch eine Maxime bürgerlicher Kultur, die sich vom trivialen und vulgären Geschmack der Popularkultur abheben wollte. Zugleich haben anti-bürgerliche Avantgarden das juste-Milieu bürgerlicher Kultur als philisterhaften und geistverlassenen Traditionalismus angegriffen. Schliesslich ist mit dem Aufstieg der Massenkultur fraglich geworden, inwieweit Prozesse der Entbürgerlichung oder der Verbürgerlichung, der Neubildung oder des Tods der Avantgarde, der Vulgarisierung oder der Bildungsverbreiterung diagnostiziert werden können. Eine theoretisch-konzeptionelle Neufassung dieser Thematik, die die historische Dimension einbezieht, ist neben der bekannten Fokussierung auf die neüren und neüsten Medien in der Soziologie ein wichtiges Forschungsdesiderat. Auf der Sektionsveranstaltung soll ein Einstieg in diese Thematik erfolgen. Wir wollen damit beginnen, die Erforschung der bürgerlichen Kultur und ihrer anti-bürgerlichen Avantgardismen mit den Bemühungen in Cultural Studies und Medienforschung in einen längerfristigen Arbeitszusammenhang zu bringen.
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Essbach
Universitaet Freiburg i. Br., Institut für Soziologie
Rempartstr. 15
D-79085 Freiburg i.Br.
Entry date: 23.02.00

Köln (BRD

Sektion 'Wissenschafts- und Technikforschung'der DGS im Rahmen des 20. Kongresses der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Soziologie

Dr. Grit Laudel
Europa-Universität Viadrina
Frankfurter Institut für Transformationsstudien, PF 1786
D-15207 Frankfurt (Oder) oder
Call for papers:
Entry date:

Köln (BRD)

"Gute Hirten"oder "parasitäre Cliquen? Eliten, Macht und die Transformation(en) der Moderne"

Veranstaltung der Sektion 'Politische Soziologie' beim Kongreß der DGS in Köln 2000
Deadline: 15. März 2000 (ca. 1-seitiges Exposé)
Ronald Hitzler
Entry date: 16.12.99

Wien (Österreich)

"Worlds in Transition: Technoscience, Citizenship and Culture in the 21st Century": Joint Conference of the Society for Social Studies of Science (4S) and the European Association for the Study of Science and Technology (EASST)

Univ. Prof. Dr. Ulrike Felt
Department of Philosophy of Science and Social Studies of Science
Sensengasse 8/10
A-1090 Vienna
Tel: 00 43 1 4277/47611
Fax: 00 43 1 4277/9476
Judith Kroell
Vgl. auch die folgende Eintragung!
Entry date: 16.12.99/22.12.99

Wien (Österreich)

"Perspectives on Computer Modeling and Simulation"

Session innerhalb der 4S/EASST Conference 2000 (vgl. die voraufgehende Eintragung!)
Anmerkungen: There has been in the last two decades a tremendous rise in the use of computer simulation, mathematical modeling and other computer-based procedures for solving scientific and technical problems in industry, government, scientific research and education. The particular problem solving potential of computer-based procedures is partly due to the fact that these procedures sit at the interface between different domains of research and/or application among which they establish a connection and mediation.
Science and technology studies have only recently begun to address these developments. Most of these studies either focus on computer models and simulation as tools and objects of scientific knowledge (e.g. within physical and biological research). Or they analyze models and simulation as devices which facilitate boundary-crossing between science/technology and 'the public' (e.g. debate on climate change). In the proposed session we would like to present different STS approaches to the analysis of computer modeling and simulation. In particular, we would like to bring together STS scholars who investigate modeling practices in both types of settings mentioned above. What can we learn from confronting the results of such studies?
Deadline: 5. Jan. 2000; title of the paper and a preliminary abstract (some words will do for the time being)
Martina Merz
CH-1211 Geneve 23
Tel.: (+41) 22-767 9481
Entry date: 22.12.99

Wien (Österreich)

"The 'Technologization' of Science and Society"

Session of the research network sociology of science and technology (SSTNET) and the research committee sociology of science and technology (RC 23) within the 4S/EASST Conference 2000 (vgl. die voraufgehenden Eintragungen!)
Raymund Werle
Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies
Paulstrasse 3
D-50676 Köln
Tel. +49 221 2767224
Fax +49 221 2767555
You find the call for papers on the SSTNET website:
Weitere Informationen auch unter:
Entry date: 25.02.00

Köln (BRD)

"Plenarsitzung 7: Religiöse Märkte - Märkte der Moral"

Sektionsveranstaltung im Rahmen des 30. Kongresses der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Soziologie (26.-29.09.2000; vgl. obige Eintragung!)
Prof. Dr. Monika Wohlrab-Sahr
Uni Leipzig, Theol. Fak., Abt. Religions- und Kirchensoziologie
Emil-Fuchs-Str. 1
D-04105 Leipzig
Tel.: +49 (0)341/97-35463
Entry date: 16.12.99

Washington D.C. (USA)

Workshop: "The Claim to Social Ressources: A Contested Issue in Trans-Atlantic Perspective 1776 to the Present"

Anmerkungen: The workshop will bring together approximately 12-15 historians and social scientists from both sides of the Atlantic.
Deadline: Proposals (1-2pp) and a short CV (curriculum vitae) should be submitted by June 15, 2000 to Bärbel Thomas, GHI
Dr. Christof Mauch, Acting Director
1607 New Hampshire Avenue, NW
USA-Washington, D.C. 20009
Entry date: 17.05.00

Oktober/November 2000
Monte de Caparica (Portugal)

World Meeting of Labour Studies

APSIOT (Portuguese Association of Sociology of Work)
Entry date: 17.04.00

Halle, Saale (BRD)

"Politik in einer entgrenzten Welt": 21. Wissenschaftlicher Kongreß der Deutschen Vereinigung für Politische Wissenschaft (DVPW)

Deadline: Abstract bis15. Sept. 1999
DeutscheVereinigung für Politische Wissenschaft (DVPW)
c/o TU Darmstadt
D-64283 Darmstadt
Mehr Informationen: Polit. Voerteljahresschrift, 40/H. 2, Juni 1999, S. 328-330
Entry date: 13.09.99

Köln (BRD)

"Index - Construction: Methods of Aggregating Indicators of Social and Economic Well-Being

Part of the "Fifth International Conference on Social Science Methodology": Research Committee on 'Logic and Methodology' (RC33) of the International Sociological Association (ISA), in Cooperation with the German Social Science Infrastructure Service (GESIS). -
Anmerkungen: Proposals of index construction, papers discussing related methodological problems as well as papers reporting results of monitoring social development and progress using composite indexes are highly welcome.
Dr. Heinz-Herbert Noll
P. O. Box 122155
D-68072 Mannheim
Tel.: +49 (0)621-1246-241
Fax: +49 (0)621-1246-100/182
Entry date: 22.02.00

Köln (BRD)

Fifth International Conference on Social Science Methodology of the Research Committee on Logic and Methodology (RC33) of the International Sociological Association (ISA)

Anmerkungen: The Fifth International Conference on Social Science Methodology will combine all areas of quantitative and qualitative methods in empirical social research. Zentralarchiv für Empirische Sozialforschung will host the conference which will be co-organized by the German Social Science Infrastructure Service (GESIS).
Deadline: 31. Jan. 2000 abstract of maximum 200 words. Papers which combine methods and empirical results are very welcome.
Jorg BLASIUS, Chair of the Organizing Committee
Zentralarchiv für Empirische Sozialforschung (ZA)
Bachemer Str. 40
D-50931 Köln, Germany
Fax: +49 (0)49-221-4769444
Entry date: 13.12.99/22.12.99

Ilmenau (BRD)

Workshop: "Selbstorganisation von Adaptivem Verhalten - SOAVE 2000"

Deadline: 17. April 2000 für Papers
Ute Schütz
TU Ilmenau, Fak. f. Onformatik und Automatisierung
Fachgebiet Neuroinformatik
Postfach 10 05 65
D-98684 Ilmenau
Tel.: +49 (0)3677/69-2858
Fax: +49 (0)3677/69-1665
Entry date: 13.12.99

Houston, Texas (USA)

The Twenty-Fourth Annual Conference of the German Studies Association (GSA 2000)

Anmerkungen: GSA conferences have 150 sessions on all aspects of German and Austrian history, on political science, and on literature and culture. There is room for over 60 sessions on history, and also for interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary sessions.
If you are working on a session, but cannot meet the deadline, contact the program coordintor with a preliminary proposal, and see if there is a possibility of a few days extension.
Deadline: There is still time left to submit proposals for sessions or papers.
Gerald R. Kleinfeld, Executive Director
For full information, and for a proposal form, consult the GSA web page at
Entry date: 28.02.00

Berlin (BRD)

"Economic Citizenship Rights for the 21st century": 8th International Congress of the Basic Income European Network (BIEN)
Entry date: 16.12.99

Maastricht (NL)

"Transatlantic Studies: New Perspectives" An Interdisciplinary Conference

Tagungsort: Maastricht Center for Transatlantic Studies
Anmerkungen: The transatlantic relationship has been one of the most dynamic of modern times. Since the Age of Exploration, transatlantic encounters have determined the course of history, culture and politics for millions of people. The destinies of Europe, Africa, North and South America have been intertwined to the extent that none of these areas can be said to exist in isolation.
The conference aims to engage with the unique interactive relationship between peoples and cultures on both sides of the Atlantic, and to explore the common issues and concerns that necessarily move us beyond disciplinary and monocultural perspectives. We invite contributions from scholars working in any discipline, or indeed across disciplines. The primary requirment is that any paper will place the dynamics of the transatlantic relationship at its centre.
Deadline: Please send your 200-300 word abstract by May 1, 2000 to:
Will Kaufman oder Heidi Macpherson
Transatlantic Studies Conference Organisers
Dept. of Cultural Studies
University of Central Lancashire
GB-Preston PR1 2HE
Tel: +44 (0) 1772 893020
Fax: +44 (0) 1772 892924
Entry date: 17.05.00

St. Louis, MO (USA)

"Writing the Past, Claiming the Future: Women and Gender in Science, Medicine, and Technology"

Conference themes will include, but not be limited to, personal and external factors that empower or inhibit women's participation in the scientific, medical, and technological disciplines; scientific, medical, and technological ideas that have influenced ideas about gender and gender roles in the disciplines and in the wider society; and the Relationship between gender and conceptions of knowledge and the practice of science, medicine, and technology.
Individual papers and panels are solicited on topics that explore the interdisciplinary relationships of women and gender and science, medicine, and technology. We are particularly interested in panels that encompass a range of perspectives and that stimulate "crosstalk" among scholars of different disciplines.
Deadline: Proposals are due by January 1, 2000. Proposals must include two copies of a one-page abstract and a one-page curriculum vitae. For proposals submitted as a panel, an abstract and vitae are required for each panel member.
"Writing the Past, Claiming the Future"
Charlotte G. Borst, Ph.D.
Department of History, Saint Louis University
3800 Lindell Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63156, USA
Entry date: 14.12.99

Washington, DC (USA)

"Islam and Society in the Twenty-First Century": Twenty-Ninth Annual AMSS Convention

The Association of Muslim Social Scientists (AMSS)in collaboration with the Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding (Georgetown University)
Anmerkungen: We invite you to submit papers/panel proposals in the following focus areas: Law and Morality, Education, Family life, Issues in Development, Civil Society, Economics, The State, Globalization, Islamic Thought and Philosophy, Islam in America, Cultural and Postcolonial Studies, and Gender Issues.
Deadline: Call for Papers: 2000-05-01
Deonna Kelli, AMSS CONF
PO Box 669
USA-Herndon, VA 20172
Fax: +1 703-471-3922
Entry date: 25.02.00

Strausberg bei Berlin (BRD)

ISA Research Committee Armed Forces and Conflict Resolution (RC 01): Interim Conference: "The Armed Forces on the Threshold to the New Millennium"

Deadline:Proposals of individual papers including a brief abstract should be submitted by 31 March 2000.
Giuseppe Caforio, RC01 President
Via S. Antonio, 58
56125 Pisa, Italy
Tel: 39-50-20499
Fax: 39-50-20399
Gerhard Kuemmel, RC01 Executive Secretary
German Armed Forces Institute of Social Research (SOWI)
PO Box 11 42
D-15331 Strausberg
Tel.: +49 (0)3341-58-1837
Fax: +49 (0)3341-58-1802
Entry date: 22.12.99

London (GB)

3rd International Conference On Adolescent Health and Welfare

Tagungsort: Royal College of Physicians London Featuring
For information please see
Entry date: 13.12.99

London (GB)

ISA Research Committee on Biography and Society Conference: "Biographical Methods and Professional Practice"

Tagungsort: Tavistock Centre, London
Anmerkungen: The conference explores the usefulness of biographical methods both in generating new forms of social practice and in gaining new insights into  institutional processes. The field of social interventions includes health and social care, education and training, arts work, work with families and young people, community regeneration work etc.
The conference highlights an increasing fluidity and interaction between theory, methods and practice, and focuses on interrelationships between recent developments in social theory and biographical work. Such developments include sociology of the body, time and place, life transitions, agency and structure, feminist research, memory and remembering, difference, the life course, reflection and representation. It will also seek to clarify boundaries and overlaps between oral and life history work, narrative studies and discourse approaches, and biographical interpretive methods. We hope that papers will address and interweave these issues.
Deadline: Abstracts for papers by January 31, 2000
Joanna Bornat
Centre for Ageing and Biographical Studies (CABS)
School of Health and Welfare, The Open University
Walton Hall, Milton Keynes MK7 6AA, UK
Tel.: 44-1908-654270
Fax: 44-1908-654214
Prue Chamberlayne
Centre for Biography in Social Policy (BISP)
University of East London
Longbridge Rd, Dagenham
Essex RM8 2AS, UK
Tel.: 44-181-5907000x2779
Fax: 44-181-8493401
Entry date: 22.12.99

Huddersfield, West Yorkshire (GB)

Understanding the Social World: Constructions and Identity 2

The University of Huddersfield, U.K.
The second International Conference will include themes on: Identity, Subjectivity, Sexuality, Gender, Post Colonial Identity, Disability, Feminist Theory and Identity, Organisational and Professional Identity, Nationalism, Cyberpsychology and Identity, Social Movements.
This conference seeks to draw together and highlight recent developments within the social sciences and related disciplines that offer an account of human activity that transcend purely individualistic or structuralism accounts of the human condition.
Deadline: Abstracts bis 14. Jan. 2000 (no more than 250 words).
Linda Rice
School of Human & Health Sciences, University of Huddersfield
West Yorkshire, HD1 3DH. U.K.
Tel .: 44-1484 472410
Entry date: 22.12.99

Vancouver (Kanada)

Twenty-fifth annual meeting of the Society for Utopian Studies

The Society's annual meetings provide an ideal venue for intellectual interchange in a cooperative, non-competitive, congenial, and convivial environment. At each meeting the Society presents the Arthur O. Lewis Award for the best paper by a junior scholar given at the previous annual meeting and the Eugenio Battisti Award for the best article in each volume of Utopian Studies.
Deadline: If you wish to organize a panel or present a paper, submit a 1-2 page abstract by May 15, 2000 to:
Nancy Sloan Goldberg
Dept. of Foreign Languages and Literatures #79
Middle Tennessee State U.
Murfreesboro, TN 37132
Tel.: 615/898-2281
Fax: 615-898-5735
Entry date: 23.12.99

Berlin (BRD)

"Assimilation/Diasporization/Representation: Historical Perspectives on Immigrants and Host Societies in Postwar Europe": Second Workshop on Contemporary Migration History

Tagungsort: Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Anmerkungen: Migration has become one of the key social phenomena reshaping Europe since 1945. The workshop will address questions of immigration in and to Europe in an historical and comparative perspective (1945 to the present) with an emphasis on migration history. The main focus will be put on immigrant incorporation and immigrant representation in receiving countries with particular focus on: - historical migration patterns and migration systems - inclusion and exclusion of immigrants - interethnic relations in the context of immigration societies - ethnic politics and ethno-nationalism - "homeland" politics - (changes and continuities of) minority rights and minority representation over time.
The number of participants will be limited to 25.
Deadline: Abstracts for papers (max. of 500 words) and a short biographical note including a list of publications are welcomed until May 15, 2000.
Entry date:

Buenos Aires (Argentinien)

"International Migration in Latin America Enters a New Millennium"

Deadline: 01. Okt. 2000 (abstracts of papers up to 300 words)
Enrique Oteiza
Riomba 1042, 3 D
1116 Buenos Aires, Argentina
Entry date: 17.04.00

Darmstadt BRD)

"Soziokulturelle Effekte und Potentialen der Informationstechnologie" und Sitzung der AG Kulturphilosophie und Wissenschaftsforschung

im Rahmen der ISI 2000: "Informationskompetenz - Basiskompetenz in der Informationsgesellschaft"
Gerhard Fröhlich
Universität Linz
A-4040 Linz-Auhof
Tel.: 0732/2468-7192
Fax: 0732/2468-7195
Entry date: 16.12.99

Darmstadt (BRD)

ISI 2000 . 7. Internationales Symposium für Informationswissenschaft / 7th International Symposium on Information Science: "Informationskompetenz - Basiskompetenz in der Informationsgesellschaft" / "Information Competence - Basic Competence in the Information Society"

HI - Hochschulverband für Informationswissenschaft - The Association for Information Science in German Speaking Countries
Deadline: 15.Mai 2000
Prof. Dr. Gerhard Knorz
Entry date: 17.04.00

Kiel (BRD)

"The Nature of Gender - the Gender of Nature": 5th Symposium on Gender Research/5. Symposion zur Geschlechterforschung

at Christian-Albrechts-University at Kiel, Germany
Anmerkungen: In vier Hauptsektionen soll die Kategorie Geschlecht im Bereich von Naturwissenschaften und Technik thematisiert werden. Zu allen Sektionen sind Plenumsvorträge durch geladene Sprecherinnen und Sprecher sowie Kurzreferate in offenen Parallelsektionen geplant. Darüber hinaus besteht die Möglichkeit, ein Forschungsposter zu praesentieren.
We are planning to explore gender as a category within the natural sciences and technology in four sessions with both, a plenary lecture by a keynote speaker and an open panel session in a less formal setting. Contributions for the panel sessions will be solicited through an international "Call for Papers." The sessions will encompass topics like the following: "Gender between nature and culture" - "Natural sciences and technology as "male" projects?" - "Gender-typed treatment of resources: Environment - agriculture - nutrition" - "Gender and technology"
Deadline: for submission of proposed abstracts: April 1, 2000. Proposals may be either for oral presentations in concurrent sessions (30 minutes alloted, 10 minutes discussion time included) or for poster presentation. For both presentation formats an abstract is required which should be written in English (preferable) or German and be no longer than one typewritten page. Electronic submissions (rtf format or regular email message) will also be accepted.
Susanne Oelkers
ZiF-Zentrum fuer interdisziplinaere Frauenforschung
Christian-Albrechts-Universitaet zu Kiel
Olshausenstr. 40
D-24098 Kiel
Tel.: +49 (0) 431/5 79 49-51
Fax: +49 (0) 431/5 79 49-50
Entry date:

Pittsburgh (USA)

Conference on Ethnic Cleansing in Europe

Tagungsort: On the campus of Duquesne University in Pittsburgh.
The Institute for German-American Relations (IGAR) and Duquesne University will be hosting a small conference on Ethnic Cleansing in Twentieth-Century Europe in the framework of Duquesne's History Forum conference. This meeting will be organized in three parts: ethnic cleansing and its antecedents in the period of World War I; ethnic cleansing in Central and Eastern Europe in the period of World War II; and outbreaks of ethnic cleansing since the end of the Cold War. The purpose of the conference will be to explore the state of new research on the historical and legal aspects of ethnic cleansing in the twentieth century, to look comparatively at the experiences of populations expelled, and to examine the process of ethnic cleansing itself.
Steven Vardy
Department of History, Duquesne University
Hunt Tooley
Department of History, Austin College
Entry date: 18.04.00

Twin Cities, Minnesota (USA)

"Race, Ethnicity, and Migration: The US in a Global Context"

Conference to be held at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities campus. Cosponsored by the REM Seminar and the Immigration & Ethnic History Society.
Anmerkungen: In the United States, questions of race, ethnicity, and changing demographics have long been at the heart of political and academic discourse concerning the past, present, and future of American society. In the last twenty years, these topics have also become fixed features of intellectual and policy debates in many other countries. The Race, Ethnicity, and Migration Conference intends to bring together scholars who work on the United States and other parts of the world for comparative and interdisciplinary discussions on race, ethnicity, and migration in communities, past and present. The conference seeks to address the urgent need for a more comprehensive and transnational research agenda.
Deadline: 2000-03-01
Rachel Leatham
Seminar on Race, Ethnicity, and Migration
University of Minnesota, Immigration History Research Center
826 Berry Street
USA-St. Paul, MN 55114
Tel.: +1 (612) 627-4208
Fax: +1 (612) 627-4190
Entry date: 25.02.00

Nashville, TN (USA)

"People and Power in 21st Century Africa": 43rd Annual Meeting of the African Studies Association (ASA)

Deadline: April 15, 2000
Loree D. Jones, African Studies Association (USA)
Entry date: 29.02.00

Erlangen (BRD)

"Transfer von Modellen zwischen Wissenschaftsgebieten": Jahrestagung der GWTF

Gesellschaft für Wissenschafts- und Technikforschung e.V. (GWTF), in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Interdisziplinären Institut für Wissenschaftstheorie und Wissenschaftsgeschichte der Universität Erlangen
Tagungsort: voraussichtlich im Unicum, Carl-Thiersch-Str. 9, 91052 Erlangen
Anmerkungen: Die Übertragung von Modellen ist heute eine in allen Wissenschaftsgebieten akzeptierte Problemlösungsstrategie. Wir beobachten, daß Modelle, die in einem Wissenschaftsgebiet bereits etabliert sind, mehr oder weniger plötzlich in einem anderen Wissenschaftsgebiet auftauchen, allerdings dann ihres ursprünglichen Kontextes entkleidet und mit einem neuen Kontext versehen. Bekannte Beispiele für diese Strategien sind die Bionik und neuerdings die Sozionik, die Modelle aus der Biologie bzw. Soziologie auf die Bearbeitung technikwissenschaftlicher Probleme anwenden.
Auf unserer Tagung soll es um folgende Fragen gehen: Unter welchen Bedingungen kommt es zu Modelltransfers? - Sind Modelltransfers tatsächlich nützlich, oder handelt es sich nicht häufig um den Versuch, Originalität zu demonstrieren, ohne daß tatsächlich neue Problemlösungen möglich werden? Auf welchen Wegen werden Modelle übertragen, und wie erfolgreich sind diese Wege? Welches Verhältnis entwickeln die 'Spender-Gebiete' zur externen Verwendung 'ihrer' Modelle? - - Um diese unterschiedlichen Perspektiven zu erschließen, sollen auf der Tagung Modelltransfers aus möglichst vielen Gebieten behandelt werden. Neben Analysen aus der Wissenschafts- und Technikforschung wünschen wir uns auch Beiträge von Natur- und Technikwissenschaftlern sowie Ingenieuren, die Funktionen und Probleme des Modelltransfers in ihren Disziplinen diskutieren.
Deadline: Vorschläge für Beiträge (mit einem kurzen Abstract) richten Sie bitte bis zum 30. April 2000 an
Dr. Rainer Hohlfeld
AG Akademiegeschichte, Berlin-Brandenburger Akademie der Wissenschaften
Jaegerstrasse 22-23
D-10117 Berlin
Entry date: 14.04.00

Dezember 2000
Jaipur (Indien)

"Leisure, Culture, Tourism and Special Social Groups: Children, Youth and the Aged"

ISA Research Committees 13, 34 und 53
Tagungsort: University of Rjastan, Jaipur
Lynne Chisholm, RC 34 President
European Commission
DG Education and Culture, Planning and Co-ord. Unit
200 Rue de la Loi/B-79/08
B-1049 Brussels
Entry date: 17.04.00

Konstanz (BRD)

"Die Kulturalisierung des Kulturbegriffes: Politische Kulturforschung in der Bundesrepublik nach dem 'cultural turn'"

Veranstaltet vom Arbeitskreis Politik und Kulturforschung in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Teilprojekt "Stile des Lebens" des Kulturwissenschaftlichen Forschungskollegs "Norm und Symbol" (SFB 485)
Anmerkungen: In der Analyse politischer Kulturen ist in den letzten Jahren ein "cultural turn" zu verzeichnen. Gemeint ist damit die Rezeption kulturalistischer (Gesellschafts-) Theorien, die kollektiven Bedeutungen, zeichenhaften Ordnungen und symbolischen Strukturen eine konstitutive Rolle für "das Politische" zumessen. Politische Kultur erscheint hier nicht als blosser Teilaspekt des Politischen, sondern rückt in das Zentrum des Interesses - Politik ist in diesem Sinne immer schon kulturell konstituiert.
Gebeten wird um Beiträge, in denen die materielle Analyse und Fragen der theoretischen Konzeption politischer Kultur vor dem Hintergrund des "cultural turn" im Mittelpunkt stehen. Der Workshop wendet sich primär an Nachwuchswissenschaftler.
Deadline: Abstract (1-3) Seiten bis zum 01. August 2000
Michael Müller
Universität Konstanz
AK Politik und Kulturanalyse, LS Prof. Soeffner, Fach D 35
D-78457 Konstanz
Entry date: 28.02.00

Berlin (?) (BRD)

"Anständige Leute: Moral - Geschlecht - Lebensart. BRD und DDR zwischen Nachkrieg und Vorwende"

Veranstalter: Heinrich Böll Stiftung
Deadline: Themenangebote (1-2 Seiten Thesen) bis zum 15. Mai 2000
Marianne Zepp, Referentin Zeitgeschichte
Programmteamkoordination Zeitgeschichte und Demokratie-Entwicklung
Heinrich Böll Stiftung
Tel. +49-30-28534-234
Fax +49-30-28534-108
Entry date: 17.05.00

Sydney (Australien)

Asia Pacific Researchers in Organization Studies (APROS): Conference on "Organizing Knowledge Economies and Societies"

Faculty of Business, University of Technology. Organized in collaboration with ISA Research Committees Economy & Society (RC02) and Sociology of Organizations (RC17)
Organizing Committee & Sub-themes:
Thomas Clarke
u.v.a.; vgl. dazu:
Entry date: 17.04.00


Budapest (Ungarn)

ISA Research Committee on Sociology of Law (RC 12) and Law and Society Association: Annual Meeting

Rogelio Perez Perdomo, Venezuela
Entry date: 17.04.00

Oviedo (Spanien)

ISA Research Committee on Poverty, Social Welfare and Social Policy (RC 19): Annual Conference

Ana Guillen
University of Oviedo
Entry date: 17.04.00

Plymouth (GB)

"Discourses of Social Exclusion"

Session at Royal Geographical Society / Institute of British Geographers Annual Conference 2001, University of Plymouth
Anmerkungen: This session aims to critically examine ideas of social exclusion circulating within policy, media, academic and popular debates. It seeks to provide critical analyses of the discourses of social exclusion emergent in recent years and to read social exclusion as a rhetorical device, a way of labeling people and place and as justifying policy and government intervention in the urban realm. The session would hope to attract academics from a range of disciplines including geography, sociology, politics, policy studies, media studies, linguistics and cultural studies.
Deadline: Please send an abstract of up to 150 words via post or email by 31st May 2000.
Tim Hall
Geography and Environmental Management Research Unit
Cheltenham and Gloucester College of Higher Education
Francis Close Hall, Swindon Road
GB-Cheltenham, GL50 4AZ
Tel.: 01242 532836
Entry date: 29.02.00

Johannesburg (Südafrika)

"The Refugee Convention at 50"

Tagungsort: University of Witswatersrand, Johannesburg, Eskom Conference Centre, South Africa
Anmerkungen: The 50th anniversary of the 1951 Geneva Convention will be celebrated in 2001. The Convention has become the tool of refugee protection. Its position in relation to wider human rights has raised, in the course of its 50 years of use, a wide range of questions and issues, in the areas of healthcare, anthropology, demography, geography, sociology, economics, and international relations, as well as law and politics.
Deadline: for proposals: 1 April 2000
Dr Joanne van Selm (Programme Co-ordinator IASFM)
University of Amsterdam
Oudezijds Achterburgwal 237
NL-1012 DL Amsterdam
Fax: +31-20-5252086 (Please indicate clearly, on the cover
page, as addressee Dr Joanne van Selm, International Relations)
Entry date: 22.02.00

Berlin (BRD)

"Nacktheit: Ästhetische Inszenierungen in historisch kulturvergleichender Perspektive"

im Rahmen des Graduiertenkollegs "Körper-Inszenierungen" der FU Berlin.
Anmerkungen: Seit der Vertreibung aus dem Paradies ist der Mensch ständig dabei, sich an- und auszukleiden. Mit der Bewusstwerdung der Nacktheit, so der biblische Mythos, begann die Geschichte der Menschheit. Die Kleidung ist dabei zur zweiten Haut geworden, unter der sich die Nacktheit verbirgt bzw. an deren Rändern sie sich zeigt. Das Verborgene und das Sichtbare sind damit wie das Verhüllte und das Enthüllte komplementär aufeinander bezogen. Die dichotomische Gegenüberstellung von Natur und Kultur lässt sich allerdings nicht in eine einfache Analogie zu Nacktheit und Kleidung bringen. Gerade die Art des Umgangs mit der eigenen oder auch der fremden Nacktheit ist hochgradig kulturbedingt. Deshalb sollen verschiedenste Aspekte der Nacktheit im Kultur- und Medienvergleich in historischer Perspektive diskutiert werden. Dabei soll es allerdings nicht primär um die soziologische Frage gehen, wie in Abhängigkeit von Geschlecht, Schicht und Alter jeweils konkret mit Nacktheit umgegangen wird, sondern vielmehr um die ästhetische bzw. kulturwissenschaftliche Frage, mit welchen narrativen, szenischen und ikonographischen Strategien Nacktheit jeweils inszeniert wird. Des weiteren ist zu fragen, welchen semiotischen Stellenwert Nacktheit und Scham, Intimität und Obszönität, Erotik und Sexualität in den verschiedenen Inszenierungen und mentalitätsgeschichtlichen Kontexten haben.
Deadline: 15.5.2000
Dr. Kerstin Gernig
Freie Universitaet Berlin, Graduiertenkolleg "Koerper-Inszenierungen"
Grunewaldstrasse 35
D-12165 Berlin
Tel.: +49-(0)30 - 838 503 - 14
Fax: +49 (0)30 - 838 503 - 11
Entry date: 17.05.00

Bad Honnef (BRD)

"Mensch & Computer 2001": 1. Fachübergreifende Konferenz

Veranstalter: Gesellschaft für Informatik (GI), Fachausschuß "Mensch-Computer-Interaktion", und German Chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
Anmerkungen: Die Ausbreitung der Informationstechnik in alle Lebensbereiche macht praktisch alle Menschen auf unterschiedliche Weise zu Benutzern von Computern. Wurde die Frage der Benutzbarkeit bisher primär für Computer am Arbeitsplatz gestellt, so stellt sich jetzt kurz vor Beginn des neuen Jahrhunderts die Frage viel breiter. Die Frage der Benutzbarkeit wird eine zentrale Frage in einer sich entwickelnden Informationsgesellschaft. Entsprechend soll mit dieser ersten fachübergreifenden Konferenz eine Tradition begründet werden.
Deadline: 15. September 2000 für die Einreichung von Vorträgen, Workshops, Postern, Video-Beiträgen und Ausstellungen
Prof. Dr. Horst Oberquelle
Universität Hamburg, FB Informatik
Angewandte und sozialorientierte Informatik (ASI)
Vogt-Kölln-Str. 30
D-22527 Hamburg
Tel.: +49 (0)40/428 83-2429 oder -2425 (Sekretariat)
Fax: +49 (0)40/428 83-2311
Für organisatorische Fragen:
Matthias Herfurth
IZ Sozialwissenschaften
Lennéstr. 30
D-53113 Bonn
Tel.: +49 (0)228/2281-0 oder -154
Fax: +49 (0)228/2281-121
Entry date: 14.04.00

Manchester (GB)

"People of a Special Mould"? International conference on comparative communist biography and prosopography

Anmerkungen: The conference will bring together recent and current work employing biographical, prosopographical and social historical approaches to communist party history. The present conference will be less concerned with issues of party strategy and policy formation than with the beliefs, activities and social composition of party members and elites.

Deadline: Prospective paper-givers should send a short abstract of their paper (100-200 words) not later than 30 April 2000
Linda Lawton, Conference Administrator
C.P. Biographical Research Project, University of Manchester
Dover Street
GB-Manchester, M13 9PL
Entry date: 29.02.00

Lincoln, Nebraska (USA)

"Coming to Terms with the Past in West Germany: The 1960s": An International Conference

Organized by the German Historical Institute, Washington, D.C. (GHI) and the University of Nebraska, Lincoln (UNL)

Anmerkungen: Since the end of World War II each generation of Germans has been confronted by the challenge of working through the implications of the Nazi regime and the Holocaust. ... Heretofore, scholarly attention has focused on the 1950s, the decade in which the two postwar German states were established and consolidated. The next frontier is the tumultuous 1960s, which are usually considered a crucial turning point in postwar history. West German youth rebelled against a culture that many believed had become excessively materialistic; they criticized the politics of West German realignment with the West and looked critically at their own nation's past and present, pointing to the many continuities that persisted from the Nazi era. These included authoritarianism (not least in the institutions of higher education, in the police forces, and in the legal system), xenophobia, technocracy, and patriarchy. Purging society of these legacies became an urgent priority of the West German New Left.
Deadline: Papers can be submitted in either English or German; they should be sent to Philipp Gassert.. Proposals must be postmarked no later than March 1, 2000.
For further information please contact either Philipp Gassert or Alan Steinweis:
Dr. Philipp Gassert
Historisches Seminar, Universität Heidelberg
Postfach 10 57 60
D-69047 Heidelberg
Tel.: +49 (0)6221 - 542 477
Fax: +49 (0)6221 - 542 449
Prof. Alan Steinweis
Department of History, University of Nebraska
Oldfather Hall 612
USA-Lincoln, Nebraska 68588-0327
Tel.: +1 402 - 472 3257
Fax: +1 402 - 472 8839
Entry date: 28.02.00

Mai 2001
Liège (Belgien)

"Migration Between Stakes and Markets": Inter-congress Meeting of ISA RC 31 'Sociology of Migration'

Deadline: Abstracts of papers up to 300 words, March 16, 2001 at latest
Marco Martiniello
Fac. de Droit, Bt. 31 Bte 43, Univ. Liège
7, blvd. Du Rectorat
Tel.: 32-4-3663040
Fax: 32-4-3664557
Entry date: 17.04.00

Buenos Aires (Argentinien)

ISA Research Committee on Women in Society (RC 32): Roundtable on "Work in the Next Millennium"

Suzanne Franzway
Entry date: 17.04.00

Stara Lesna, Tatra Mountains (Slowakische Republik)

"The Economic Dimension of Active Citizenship in the Information Society: Youth and Work and the Future of Europe". Internatiopnal Conference

Ladislav Machácek, RC 34 Treasurer
Institute of Sociology, Slovak Academy of Sciences
Klemensova 19
SR-81364 Bratislava
Entry date: 17.04.00

Juli 2001
Suva (Fidji Inseln)

ISA Research Committee on International Tourism (RC 50): International Dateline Colloquium: Worldscape '21'

Tagungsort: The University of the South Pacific, Suva, Fiji Islands
Dr. Keith Hollinshead
Tourism Studies, The Luton Business School
The University of Luton
GB-Luton LU1 3TU
Tel.: 44-01582-743139
Fax: 44-01582-743143
Entry date: 17.04.00

Glasgow (?) (GB)

"Art and Aesthetics in Management and Organization Studies": The Second International Critical Management Studies Conference

Anmerkungen: In recent years, there has been an increasing reference to the relevance of art and aesthetics in the practice and study of organizations and their management, with much of this work having been championed by critical theorists and postmodernists. Some of these theorists, for example, suggest we should look to art and the realm of the aesthetic as a learning device or heuristic and, indeed, have invoked language and metaphors that come from these realms. Others have pointed out the parallels between postmodernist approaches in the organizational discourse and that of the surrealists. Some writers are now suggesting that the theories that underpin management practice should be judged, not just on coherence, and by traditional scientific standards of rationality, but also by their aesthetic qualities.
Deadline: Send one copy of your abstract (approx. 500 words), preferably by e-mail, to each of the following addresses, by no later than September 30th 2000.
Philip Hancock
School of Social Sciences, Glasgow Caledonian University
Cowcaddens Road
GB-Glasgow, G3 6DF
Dr Adrian Carr
Unit 3
24 Abbott Street
Coogee, New South Wales 2034 (Australien)
Entry date: 14.04.00

16.07.-20.07.2001 Sydney (Australien)

8th International Conference on Scientometrics and Informetrics (ISSI 2001)

The Web Site includes information about Calls for papers and deadlines for submission, Guidelines for submissions, the ISSI 2001 Committees etc.:
Entry date: 25.02.00

Pittsburg, Pennsylv. (USA)

Workshop: Computational Analysis of Social and Organizational Systems

Center for Computational Analysisof Social and Organizational Systems (CACOS)
Vgl. auch die Eintragung zum 21.-24.07: "Workshop participants are invited to also attend the annual CACOS conference."
Entry date: 09.06.00

September 2001
Moskau (Rußland)

2nd Youth Researchers' Training Seminar

Centre for the Sociology of Youth, Russian Academy of Sciences, Council of Europe in co-operation with ISA RC 34
Lyudmila Koklyagina Nurse, VP Russia und Julia Zubok
RC34 Coordinator for the Russian Federation
47, The Spiert, Stone, Aylesbury, Bucks. HP17 8NJ, United Kingdom
Entry date: 17.04.00

Herbst 2001
Kyoto (Japan)

"Environmental Sociology in the 21st Century": Conference of ISA Research Committee on Environment and Society (RC 24) in collaboration with the World Society for Rural Sociologists

Frederick Buttel
Entry date: 18.04.00

Herbst 2001
Mailand (Italien)

"Youth, Family and Intergenerational Relations"

Tagungsort: University of Milan-Bicocca
Carmen Leccardi, RC 34 Advisory Board
Faculty of Sociology, University of Milan Bicocca
Viale Sarca 202
I-Milan 20126
Entry date: 17.04.00

Oktober 2001
Jaipur (Indien)

International Symposium on "Tourism, Travel and 'The other'"

Tagungsort: University of Rjastan, Jaipur
Dr. Keith Hollinshead
Tourism Studies, The Luton Business School
The University of Luton
GB-Luton LU1 3TU
Tel.: 44-01582-743139
Fax: 44-01582-743143
Entry date: 17.04.00


Juli 2002
Brisbane (Australien)

ISA XV World Congress of Sociology

International Sociological Association (ISA)
Secretariat: Facultad C.C. Políticas y Sociología
Universidad Complutense
E-28223 Madrid
Tel.: (34)91352 76 50
Fax: (34)91352 49 45
Lynne Chisholm, RC 34 President
European Commission
DG Education and Culture, Planning and Co-ord. Unit
200 Rue de la Loi/B-79/08
B-1049 Brussels (Bisher noch keine weiteren Informationen greifbar.)
Entry date: 17.04.00

Juli 2002
Brisbane (Australien)

ISA Research Committee on Sociology of Law (RC 12) and Law and Society Association: Annual Meeting

in the context of the ISA XV World Congress (s. obige Eintragung)
Rogelio Perez Perdomo, Venezuela
Entry date: 17.04.00

Juli 2002
Brisbane (Australien)

Sessions des RC 39 (Sociology of Disaters)

in the context of the ISA XV World Congress (s. obige Eintragung)
Maureen Fordham, RC 39 Vice President
Entry date: 17.04.00


Berlin (BRD)

International Congress for Psychology 2008

Anmerkungen: DGPs und BDP wollen gemeinsam mit den Psychologischen Instituten der FU und der HU zu Berlin den Internationalen Kongreß der IUPsyS nach Deutschland einladen. Herr Prof. Dr. R. Schwarzer (Berlin) ist bereit, als nationaler Organisator tätig zu werden. Zur Vorbereitung der Einladung wurde eine Task Force gebildet, der die Professoren R. Schwarzer, M. Jerusalem, R. K. Silbereisen und H. Wandke sowie Herr H.-W. Drewe angehören.
Entry date: 09.06.00

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